Volker Sauer

Lead Vocals, Sax & Flutes

Andy Ironhead


Christian Johne


Florian Sauer

Drums & Vocals

Gerald Schmiechen

Bass & Vocals

Carel Ooms

Side Drum

Tim Lethen

Bagpipe & Whistles


After a long and boring 6 years' break we finally found the right spirit to sail our ship again. Together with our "new kids on the block" Florian Sauer on Drums and Christian Johne on Guitars we felt that the first gigs in Kettwig, Solingen and the Heiligenhaus Stadtfest generated a lot of energy, not only in the crowd, but also among ourselves!

In order to keep this momentum going, we decided to launch a new website, to keep you updated and more involved in what we do...

Although we still love to play our "classics" and older material, we also feel the "drive" to address our creative minds and produce lots of new material... Needless to say that we keep going for songs that represent our feel and will connect with the "Soul of Claymore..."


2nd of AUGUST 2019
Highland Games - Fehraltorf (SUI)
Start at 19:30 hours. More info at:

30th of NOVEMBER 2019
Black Hand Inn - Peine - Ilsede
Start at 18:00 hours. More info at:
Black Hand Inn Facebook

21st of DECEMBER 2019
Aula IKG - Heiligenhaus
Ticket-sale starts at 1st of March 2019 from: www.neanderticket.de



9th of JANUARY 2019
All Hands on Deck!!! Wishing our fans all the best for 2019! A little more over a month and we'll play the venue of the "Alter Bahnhof" in Kettwig, this being the first of, what we hope, many more engagements in 2019. So let's see if we can get "all hands on deck" on that night.. We really look forward to it!

7th of DECEMBER 2018
One more week to Solingen... Equipped with lots of memories of the brilliant atmosphere of last year's concert, we are really looking forward to visit this great venue again... We are convinced we will take another large quantity of good experiences with us this time... See you all there!

10th of SEPTEMBER 2018
Gig in Hagen is coming closer... Few more days to go and Claymore will hit the stage again! This time it will be at the Werkhof in Hagen, next Saturday the 15th of September. We already are looking forward presenting our music and hope to see many familiar faces again!

3rd of JUNE 2018
Thank you Heiligenhaus! For an unforgettable evening playing our "Stadtfest Concert"! Great to see so many of you turning up and having a great party with us!

24th of MAY 2018
Claymore will rock the Stadtfest on the 2nd of June 2018! - Heiligenhaus will be going back to the "good ol' times" again! The Saturdaynight will see Claymore on stage, probably praying for some good weather and looking forward meeting our great audience! Don't miss it!

24th of MAY 2018
New website launched! - After a lot of work, here is the first version of our new homepage. Several items (like our guestbook) will be added soon and a German version will be available shortly! We are also "digging" in our archives to present you lots of moments from the rich history of the band, backgrounds of our musicians and former members and we like to give you a lot of info about our songs; when and where we got the ideas, the historical backgrounds, locations etc... So come back regularly to get some new info...



Volker Sauer
Landsbergerstrasse 44
Tel.: +49 (0) 152 54065112
E-mail: claymore[at]gmx.info

Keep in touch with us and get the latest info about our activities; see where we play our future gigs, how we progress on the new CD and read everybody's reactions!

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